The Deception of Modern Day Church Polity

24 Nov

Question: If a man from our day and age, were to pick up the Bible, read it, get saved, and started a church, would that church resemble anything we have today?

Let’s dig deeper. Without having the influences of Modern Day Church “Culture”, without the history of traditions, methods and practices, without the model of any church, except for the ones in Scripture, would that church represent anything like our churches today? More specifically, would that church be considered to be a Baptist Church?

Our banner, our cry as Baptists, is that we adhere as closely as we can to Scritpural Christianity, in our homes, and in our churches than any other denomination. Do we really? If that is the case, then the man in the scenario would be building a Baptist Church, wouldn’t he?

Here’s my personal opinion and answer. I believe he wouldn’t be building a Baptist Church. If he were to adhere to precepts, the model found in Scripture, I’m afraid most, if not all, would not affiliate with this man and his work. On the shallow end, he would be judged for not wearing a tie, not having 3 services. Then it would be the music. I wonder how Baptist Churches today would sound like if the hymn writers at their time, decided that new music was evil? Then it would be the skirts vs. pants.

There’s something wrong with this and we’re too afraid to admit there’s something deeply wrong with the Churches we are building.

I wish there was a man like this, because I would join him in a split second.

This is my humble opinion.


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