Friday Bloggin’ – Sunny Side Up.

25 Nov

Well, its a great and sunny day in the beautiful city of Vancouver. It being Friday, all the mayhem is insuing in the land of capitalism. I heard on the radio today that Americans are set to spend almost 50 Billion dollars on shopping today. Yeah, that’s $50,000,000,000.00. So, what ever happened to the Occupy Movement? Remember that whole thing about Corporate Greed, and a war on Capitalism? Remember all the harrassing of normal citizens who shop? They made us feel bad for spending our hard earned money, they made us look like villians just because we spent a little bit of money, because we were feeding the Capitalism Machine, who in turn, was making fat the Bosses and CEOS. Good job Occupy! You’ve done NOTHING. Well, not nothing. You did disrupt business. You did harrass shoppers going by your tent city. You did bang on the store windows in Downtown Vancouver. And you also showed how inept y our members are when Occupy Vancouver resulted in 2 Drug overdoses and 1 death of a woman in her early 20’s. Yeah, that should bring out the message that you guys are serious, and have a real solution to today’s problems. I’m not ashamed to say that I am so glad that the tent city is taken down, that the judges have ruled in favor of the laws of the land.

BTW, how I grew up, you work hard in school, then you get a good education, then you get a job, and work hard, and get paid, and then you pay your bills, and then you get to have things like a home, a car, medical insurance, and even LUXURIES BECAUSE YOU WORKED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! Get real! Instead of putting the responsibility on the Government to give you a better life, GO OUT AND GET IT! Instead of blaming your upbringing, or your poor family situation growing up, DON’T LET PAST CIRCUMSTANCES DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE! I’m so sick of these irresponsible adults who blame EVERYONE ELSE for their problems. You want a better future, a better government, a better life, you want to fix what’s wrong in the world? THEN FIX YOURSELF!!!



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