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Why Tebow is Being Harassed.

20 Dec

In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why there was all the attention on Tim Tebow’s public display of his faith. We have no problem when boxers take a corner, kneel, and say a prayer. We have no problem when soccer players motion to make a cross on their chest. He have no issues with rappers, actors, and artists stand in front of the mic and say, “First of all, I want to thank God…” So what’s the deal with Tim Tebow? Why are people riding him just because he prays on the sidelines? What’s the big deal?

Then I realized it. Tim Tebow is being harassed for displaying his faith, BECAUSE HIS FAITH IS REAL, and people don’t like that. You see, Kanye West can get up on the mic and thank God, but does he live like God is real? If God is real, then His Holiness is real. If His Holiness is real, then His Judgment is real. And if God is real, then would God be honoured by Kanye’s lifestyle — I think not.

Artists, athletes, anybody that has a platform, are free to display faith in whatever way they want. But as soon as people realize that your faith is real, they want to test it, question it, squash it, mock it, and ruin it. Tim Tebow is real. I’m not saying he’s some perfectly sinless saint — there’s no such thing. Whether we’re new Christians, or have been for a while, we are all works of Grace. We are a trophy of God’s love, not to glory in our own flesh, but that we may give the glory to him.

Although I do not know Tebow, I’m sure that if you asked him if he was perfect, he’d probably say “no”. He’s not suppose to be perfect. He’s just a work of grace – in progress. So Haters – Hate all you want. It just proves to me that people are bothered with the reality of God.


Monday Revelations.

20 Dec

Hey it’s Monday. Sometimes I forget that I started this blog for me – to document my wanderings. Sometimes, I get a big head and actually think that there’s an audience that’s awaiting my next post. There’s not. Atleast, I need to keep reminding myself that there’s not. SO, you, what’s happening with you?

Well, I feel like I can breathe again. Sometimes, busy is a good thing. Busy-ness has given my the comfort of expectation. I know what to expect, what to work towards, what to plan for in the upcoming holiday season.

Let the season begin. Don’t forget your dry-cleaning.

Friday Bloggin’……… getting old hurts.

16 Dec

Happy Friday!!!

Congratulations for making it this week, now let the weekend slow down.

Getting old hurts.

I never thought at this point in my YOUNG life that I would be suffering the effects of a sore ACL. Pulled muscle, that’s fine. Bruises, I’m okay with that. But, a sore ACL for playing/coaching basketball? Wait a minute. Injuries only come when you’ve battled hard, when you’ve run so hard that you feel like your legs are gonna fall off. A sore ACL shouldn’t come because you ran some drills, cuz you decided to play along with the boys, when you run up and down the  court a few times. Getting old hurts.

The pain will ease. Pretty soon, I’ll be walking/functioning at normal pace. But the realization that this body is getting older and older – that is a pain that won’t heal – until you accept it.

One of my favourite hyms is Sweet Hour of Prayer. There’s a part where the song goes, “this robe flesh I’ll drop and rise, to seize the everlasting prize.” This robe of flesh – what an amazing picture of what this body really is. It may seem gross, but this is how I picture it. There’s me, and overtop of my is a heavy mass of meat, kinda like how they hang cows at the slaughterhouse. This heavy coat of flesh, just hanging on me, a burden upon my shoulders, just the weight of this carnality makes anything and everything hard, and burdensome. Well, one day, this robe of flesh I’ll drop and rise. One day, I will be free of this coat of carnality, and I shall be free from this burden.

Don’t Celebrate Christmas.

14 Dec

It’s really not hard to write a post about Christmas. The theme is amazing. After almost 4,000 years of prophetic events, allusions, foreshadows, pictures, and types – Jesus Christ was born. The whole scope of Bible history pointed to the most amazing event in all the cosmos.

The biggest annoyance to me, is when people say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, or when highschools in our area have renamed “Christmas Break” with “Holiday Break”. I’m sorry, if it wasn’t Christmas, then there would be no celebration. That is the reason why, in our North American culture, have set aside time during the winter season. If you don’t believe in God, then don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s your choice, but don’t walk around offended because someone said, “Merry Christmas” to you. That is the reason for the holiday!!! If you don’t like it, and you hate that “Christianity is being thrown in your face” and that you should give your company back the money their giving you for your statutory holiday. Better yet, send a cheque back to the government and tell them you’re not a Christian and you do not celebrate Christmas, and that you shouldn’t benefit from this CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY.

Mondays Comes Faster Than Fridays.

12 Dec

Really? Monday? Already!?!?

Mondays do come faster than Fridays, especially the holidays. It being a crazy weekend filled with shopping, ministering and preparing, it was still a good weekend.

My last post was about change, and looking forward to future endeavours. The lesson I’m beginning to grasp is that change, more oft than nought, is unwelcomed, even feared. But change means growth. You cannot have one without the other.

As for substance in writing – no controversy coming to mind, except for one question:

Before I ask the question, I just want to say that I am no authority on anything scientific. When it boils down, I am no genius, scientist, or philosopher. This question is just coming from a curious, wandering mind. Secondly, the question is directed to Evolutionists. This is not a query on the existence of God. So here it is:

What kind of role has technology played in the process of Evolution? 

Does technology harm the process of Evolution?

Explanation: Again, I’m no expert, but I was taught that evolution was a process of the survival of the fittest, that environmental changes posed a new need in the physiology of animals. Also, I was taught that Adaptation and Evolution are two separate things. Adaptation – the ability for an animal to build up defences in its environment, new techniques for survival. Evolution, however, the ability for an animal to develop a whole new sequence of DNA, i.e. from gills to lungs. Having said all that, what’s the next step of Evolution for Mankind, when technology now provides avenues of survival. Here’s where my wandering mind really goes off. Say, the Earth was in danger of being covered completely with water (waterworld), is it fair to say that over millions of years, gills would start showing up in human babies? Or would we, as a human race, find a way, through technology, to survive, even thrive in the new environment?

Friday Bloggin’………..change is hard.

9 Dec

Hey IT’S FRIDAY! (curse you Rebecca Black.)

Today’s topic: change. It’s a difficult thing, especially accepting change within yourself. Growing up a certain view, a certain way, we viewed “change” as wicked, immoral, or the buzz word “compromising”. But change is all around us. Change is in us. Change is part of us. Can we realistically expect to stay the same for our whole duration here on Earth? Let’s put in more accurate terms. Growing up in a traditional church setting was great. At that point in my life, I didn’t have what it took to make mature informed decisions about my life – I was a kid. That environment allowed me to have a back bone, a foundation in truth, an example of a process. Well, is it wrong to change from that? (I’m speaking in terms of preferences, and not in doctrinal truth).

A generation ago, the style, the culture, the taste of Baptist Churches was different. Everyone would agree that a generation ago was a completely different kind of church than we have today. That’s because they were a product of someone’s preference, someone’s view on style, someone’s paradigm of conservatism, and “church appriopriateness”.

Well, why can’t I determine that for myself? If these are just tastes, and preferences, why can’t I have my own preferences in my own life? There’s this mystical belief that we’re not suppose to think on our own. I believe in Doctrinal Truth, everything outside of that is just some other man’s viewpoint.

So, here’s to change – and me accepting change. Here’s to a brand new chapter in my life.


A Cruel World We Live In.

7 Dec

The front page of the New York Times this morning is a chilling reminder of how cruel our world is. If you haven’t seen it and would like to, prepare yourself for emotional brokenness. If you look at it, and don’t feel anything, there might be something wrong with your receptors.

The image is that of a Shiite Islamist girl, no more than 13 years old, surrounded by the lifeless bodies of men, women, children, even infants. I know there’s that age-old “blame game”. Let’s blame hatred. Let’s blame religion. Let’s blame this and that. How about, let’s blame ourselves. We are the cause of hatred. We are the cause of violence. We are the cause of death.

It saddens me that we live in such a violent world — but this is of our own doing. We are reaping the rewards of our own actions.