Myth Busted: There was no Drummer Boy.

1 Dec

Is there a song more annoying then Little Drummer Boy? Don’t answer that, I just had a refreshing memory of when I found a tape of the “Jingle Cats” in an old storage unit in college. Also, I checked, there was no Drummer Boy at the birth of Christ. Also, there were no three Kings, there were three KINDS of gifts. Historically, and culturally, there would’ve been a whole caravan, and a whole lot of gifts of Jesus Christ. And the the biggest one yet….(drum roll please)….Jesus was not born on December 25th. BAM! Sometimes, the Truth hurts, and that one got me when I found out. December 25th was actually a celebration of different things. A lot of Pagan cultures celebrated the Winter Solstice during that time (sometimes not precisely on that day).

So, with all this evidence, why celebrate Christmas on the 25th? It was most likely that Jesus was born in the spring anyway. Why do we hold on to these Myths? Why uphold these LIES????

Well, calling them lies would be a little over the top. The point is, a chance to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ is a good thing, whether Spring or winter, whenever it was, it ought to be celebrated. Culturally, we’ve decided on a specific day, and there’s nothing wrong with that (as long as you don’t teach your children that Jesus was born on the 25th). Its a celebration. Its an opportunity, and we should take advantage of that opportunity to stop and meditate upon the greatest gift ever given.

So, no, its not about the trees, the ornaments, the gifts, or the lights. Its about Him.

And its especially not about the Drummer Boy.


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