Friday Bloggin!

2 Dec

Hey Friday came fast this week! Awesome, but today has been a major DRAAAAG! I realize that Christianity is not the most popular thing right now (or ever has been). I realize i’m in a public, secular work place and I’m surrounded by people by all backgrounds, beliefs and “non-beliefs”. I can’t really expect much, or I shouldn’t really expect much from people who are not Christians when it comes to conversation, but I’m especially heavy hearted today, I think, because of all the swearing and profanity around me. I work in an office. We all know that there is a vulgar, profane way of talking. How did it become okay to talk like that in a workplace? How did that become okay in any public setting? Religious or not, Christian or not, swearing is so disgusting, its ugly, demeaning, and down right rude. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by adults who think this is okay, appropriate, and acceptable language. What’s even worse than the swearing is all the “Jesus, Christ” or “Oh my, God” references. Seriously, so disheartening to hear that. In my anger and indignation, I say to myself, “One day, you’ll say that Name in fear and trembling. One day, you’ll be sorry for those words.” That’s the honest truth. I don’t know how else to cope, because simply, people will do what they want to do. And my battle is not with people, it’s never a battle between Christians and non Christians. The battle is against the flesh, the sin nature that is all around us.

I’m gonna need a major cleansing, spirit lifting, fire breathing, refreshing walk with God this weekend, so I can be strengthened in my journey.


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