A Cruel World We Live In.

7 Dec

The front page of the New York Times this morning is a chilling reminder of how cruel our world is. If you haven’t seen it and would like to, prepare yourself for emotional brokenness. If you look at it, and don’t feel anything, there might be something wrong with your receptors.

The image is that of a Shiite Islamist girl, no more than 13 years old, surrounded by the lifeless bodies of men, women, children, even infants. I know there’s that age-old “blame game”. Let’s blame hatred. Let’s blame religion. Let’s blame this and that. How about, let’s blame ourselves. We are the cause of hatred. We are the cause of violence. We are the cause of death.

It saddens me that we live in such a violent world — but this is of our own doing. We are reaping the rewards of our own actions.


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