Friday Bloggin’………..change is hard.

9 Dec

Hey IT’S FRIDAY! (curse you Rebecca Black.)

Today’s topic: change. It’s a difficult thing, especially accepting change within yourself. Growing up a certain view, a certain way, we viewed “change” as wicked, immoral, or the buzz word “compromising”. But change is all around us. Change is in us. Change is part of us. Can we realistically expect to stay the same for our whole duration here on Earth? Let’s put in more accurate terms. Growing up in a traditional church setting was great. At that point in my life, I didn’t have what it took to make mature informed decisions about my life – I was a kid. That environment allowed me to have a back bone, a foundation in truth, an example of a process. Well, is it wrong to change from that? (I’m speaking in terms of preferences, and not in doctrinal truth).

A generation ago, the style, the culture, the taste of Baptist Churches was different. Everyone would agree that a generation ago was a completely different kind of church than we have today. That’s because they were a product of someone’s preference, someone’s view on style, someone’s paradigm of conservatism, and “church appriopriateness”.

Well, why can’t I determine that for myself? If these are just tastes, and preferences, why can’t I have my own preferences in my own life? There’s this mystical belief that we’re not suppose to think on our own. I believe in Doctrinal Truth, everything outside of that is just some other man’s viewpoint.

So, here’s to change – and me accepting change. Here’s to a brand new chapter in my life.



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