Mondays Comes Faster Than Fridays.

12 Dec

Really? Monday? Already!?!?

Mondays do come faster than Fridays, especially the holidays. It being a crazy weekend filled with shopping, ministering and preparing, it was still a good weekend.

My last post was about change, and looking forward to future endeavours. The lesson I’m beginning to grasp is that change, more oft than nought, is unwelcomed, even feared. But change means growth. You cannot have one without the other.

As for substance in writing – no controversy coming to mind, except for one question:

Before I ask the question, I just want to say that I am no authority on anything scientific. When it boils down, I am no genius, scientist, or philosopher. This question is just coming from a curious, wandering mind. Secondly, the question is directed to Evolutionists. This is not a query on the existence of God. So here it is:

What kind of role has technology played in the process of Evolution? 

Does technology harm the process of Evolution?

Explanation: Again, I’m no expert, but I was taught that evolution was a process of the survival of the fittest, that environmental changes posed a new need in the physiology of animals. Also, I was taught that Adaptation and Evolution are two separate things. Adaptation – the ability for an animal to build up defences in its environment, new techniques for survival. Evolution, however, the ability for an animal to develop a whole new sequence of DNA, i.e. from gills to lungs. Having said all that, what’s the next step of Evolution for Mankind, when technology now provides avenues of survival. Here’s where my wandering mind really goes off. Say, the Earth was in danger of being covered completely with water (waterworld), is it fair to say that over millions of years, gills would start showing up in human babies? Or would we, as a human race, find a way, through technology, to survive, even thrive in the new environment?


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