Friday Bloggin’……… getting old hurts.

16 Dec

Happy Friday!!!

Congratulations for making it this week, now let the weekend slow down.

Getting old hurts.

I never thought at this point in my YOUNG life that I would be suffering the effects of a sore ACL. Pulled muscle, that’s fine. Bruises, I’m okay with that. But, a sore ACL for playing/coaching basketball? Wait a minute. Injuries only come when you’ve battled hard, when you’ve run so hard that you feel like your legs are gonna fall off. A sore ACL shouldn’t come because you ran some drills, cuz you decided to play along with the boys, when you run up and down the  court a few times. Getting old hurts.

The pain will ease. Pretty soon, I’ll be walking/functioning at normal pace. But the realization that this body is getting older and older – that is a pain that won’t heal – until you accept it.

One of my favourite hyms is Sweet Hour of Prayer. There’s a part where the song goes, “this robe flesh I’ll drop and rise, to seize the everlasting prize.” This robe of flesh – what an amazing picture of what this body really is. It may seem gross, but this is how I picture it. There’s me, and overtop of my is a heavy mass of meat, kinda like how they hang cows at the slaughterhouse. This heavy coat of flesh, just hanging on me, a burden upon my shoulders, just the weight of this carnality makes anything and everything hard, and burdensome. Well, one day, this robe of flesh I’ll drop and rise. One day, I will be free of this coat of carnality, and I shall be free from this burden.


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