Why Tebow is Being Harassed.

20 Dec

In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why there was all the attention on Tim Tebow’s public display of his faith. We have no problem when boxers take a corner, kneel, and say a prayer. We have no problem when soccer players motion to make a cross on their chest. He have no issues with rappers, actors, and artists stand in front of the mic and say, “First of all, I want to thank God…” So what’s the deal with Tim Tebow? Why are people riding him just because he prays on the sidelines? What’s the big deal?

Then I realized it. Tim Tebow is being harassed for displaying his faith, BECAUSE HIS FAITH IS REAL, and people don’t like that. You see, Kanye West can get up on the mic and thank God, but does he live like God is real? If God is real, then His Holiness is real. If His Holiness is real, then His Judgment is real. And if God is real, then would God be honoured by Kanye’s lifestyle — I think not.

Artists, athletes, anybody that has a platform, are free to display faith in whatever way they want. But as soon as people realize that your faith is real, they want to test it, question it, squash it, mock it, and ruin it. Tim Tebow is real. I’m not saying he’s some perfectly sinless saint — there’s no such thing. Whether we’re new Christians, or have been for a while, we are all works of Grace. We are a trophy of God’s love, not to glory in our own flesh, but that we may give the glory to him.

Although I do not know Tebow, I’m sure that if you asked him if he was perfect, he’d probably say “no”. He’s not suppose to be perfect. He’s just a work of grace – in progress. So Haters – Hate all you want. It just proves to me that people are bothered with the reality of God.


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