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Happy Monday.

30 Jan

aaaaaaannnddd…………. we’re back!

The weekends seem to get faster and faster. I made an observation this weekend: I’ve been 29 for 1 week. And I have only 51 weeks left in my twenties. LAAAAME!

Well, its getting easier everyday, not that I’m all locked up in a dark room and afraid of human contact. I’m not some anti-social and solitary wacko. I’m a functioning wacko. And when it comes to the social aspect, I would definitely help my cause if I didn’t hate every human being out there. Okay, too much.

No new revelations, or inspirational moments as of late. I guess I have to make my way back to English Bay sometime. There’s something about water, we all seem to be more self relective, and aware of our souls.

I guess I’ll just end it with a line from an awesome song:

“it’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean, guess I should….na na na.. na na nananananaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”
Thank you Counting Crows, for a Long December.


Friday Bloggin’….

27 Jan

drawing a blank.

It seems that most things that make it to this blog are frustrations and disappointments, rants, but no raves. So, time to change it up.

They say that the best way to get out of duldrums is to count your blessings. So here it is:

1.) Wife/Bestfriend. I’m truly luck to have such a wonderful wife. She is the funniest person I know (and I know some pretty funny people). It really feels like we’re still getting used to the fact of marriage, even though, the case could be made that our marriage is been long enough to last a lifetime. I love how she takes care of me. I hate coming home to a cold apartment, when she’s out for  meeting or something. I love they way her hand fits in my hand, and how she finds that perfect spot on my shoulder to rest her head. I love it even more when she scratches the part of my back that is humanly impossible to reach.

Well, that about did it. I’m in a happier mood now. Happy Friday!


26 Jan

I heard this somewhere: “Someday is just code for Never.”

Okay, it was from a cheesy chick flick. But, how many times do we say, “Someday, I’ll……..” I have quite a list of ‘somedays’.

Someday, I’ll learn to play the piano.

Someday, I’ll travel the world.

Someday, I’ll ______________.

It makes me wonder, how many “somedays” will I actually see come to fruition, and how many “somedays” will I never see in my lifetime. I think most of us are just dreamers, and the few lucky ones actually go out and fulfill those dreams.



I will………….someday.

Finding Myself

24 Jan

Several people have told me that you don’t really get to know yourself until  your thirties. First of all, its a strange thought that I don’t presently know myself. Its encouraging that maybe there’s a version of myself that is still out there, waiting to be discovered.

I’ve had some significant changes this year. The biggest one is confronting my love for music. In years past, it had only been a hobby, even a dirty little secret. This past year, I’ve been able to discover so much more about music, and more importantly, what music means to me. As of late, I’ve been feeling like I’m starting to figure things out. Things like life, and balancing needs and wants, requirements and desires.

I am hopeful, that my entrance into my thirties will be smooth, that this year my transition would be natural, that adventure would be a part of my life, that love would be my motivation for everything.

(not so) Happy Monday..

24 Jan

Well, today is the first day of the last of my 20’s. Its been a rough week. I know a lot of people see it as drama, but honestly, there’s been this dull, numbing, depressing storm that’s occupying my heart.

Last year in my 20’s. How can I be so young, yet feel like I’ve already missed out on life’s adventures.


I have to admit, I lack adventure in my life. I hope I’m not going through some mid life crisis. I hope I’m not going to start craving for my next adrenaline rush, or live like “what can kill me can only make me stronger”. BTW, what can kill you, CAN KILL YOU!

Did I just realize how disappointing my life has been so far? Am I in danger of letting my life slip me by?

Friday Bloggin’……

20 Jan

Yesterday I read an article on the blog that made me laugh, angry, and sad.

There’s some dude out there who wrote this letter and addressed it to “all the girls I know.” Basically this guy explains that men are weak, because of our weakness, women shouldn’t dress immodestly, or else they are causing us to sin. He went so far as to say that women who dress immodestlly don’t know what kind of broken relationships and sins they have caused by they way they dress.


I’m because I sure churches are filled with these same morons who actually put the blame of their sin on people around them. Our lives are suppose to be a testament of God’s POWER through us. We are suppose to experience VICTORY AND STRENGTH!!! SHHHEEEEEEEEEEESHHHH…

you people make me so mad.

Dear world,

Please know that some Christians are not like this. We fight for our faith, we stand for what we believe, we make mistakes, we have bad days, sometimes we get cancer, sometimes we die in accidents, just like the rest of you. Please, also know that some of us are here knowing that its only by God’s mercies, and we count everyday a gift from God.



Courage, Robert

18 Jan

I’m not very musical, in the sense that I have a horrible voice. But I actually know it, and admit it, so I’m not those annoying people that keep singing and singing and you’re like, “Somebody tell that guy HE CAN’T SING!” I have issues with tune – I can’t carry one. Also, I tend to be flat, and also have this amazing gift of being able to switch from key to key in any given moment of any given song. Its a curse – because I love music. I love how music can change your mood. I love how it can define exactly what you’re feeling. I love how music can put into words my hurts, my joys, even my essence — Okay, too much. I believe music plays a great role in our lives. I really feel like its the language of our souls, because, music doesn’t know  boundaries or race. It communicates with who we are inside. That’s why I find it hard to listen to shallow, meaningless, un-musical, music of today’s generation. But that’s another post. There are songs that I listen to that transcend notes, musicality, tone, tune, rhythm, and rhyme. Songs that you don’t judge for the quality of how its written, or even the process by which it came about, but songs that speak to your heart. I’ll have some days when all I want to do is listen to music. Today, I’m listening to easily one of my favourite artists: Meg and Dia. Before you judge me, no I am not a teenage girl with rebellion issues manifesting itself in punk girl rock. Actually, judge all you want. All I know is that their song Courage, Robert speaks to me more than the words written therein, more than the wizardry of Meg’s and Carlo’s guitar showdown, more than the translation of one the greatest love stories in music history in Robert and Clara Schumann’s life. The sum of these parts is a song that speaks to my soul. And that is what music is suppose to do. It is suppose to move you, leave you with an undeniable impression, reach you in a way that no person can.