Back to the Desk. It’s Truly More Blessed to Give Than To Receive.

3 Jan

Finally, back to the desk. There’s been a void in my life, a blog shaped hole, that I haven’t been able to fill while my Christmas break was going on. But, now I’m back, with the aspirations of normalcy, the urge for the mundane to get back to my life. Christmas was… boring. Deciding to not give gifts to each other this year, I think I really missed out on the magic of Christmas. You can call it trivial or superficial if you like. I think I really lost the magic of Christmas because I didn’t feel like I gave out of my heart. Yeah, there are gifts you buy because you’re checking off a list. For example: ties. I know people in my life could use ties. They were on sale, so I bought ties. But, was it from my heart? No. But the act of giving out your heart requires work. It makes you think about what would put a smile on that other person’s face. For a brief moment, you stop thinking about yourself, and actually think about another human being. How profound a thought! It is more blessed to give than to receive! We often look at the verse and think, the person who is getting the gift is blessed. No. The person doing the giving is blessed. I gain a greater blessing by giving out of my heart. So, in light of this years already failed resolutions, by Christmas next year, I resolve to give… out of my heart.


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