4 Jan

I’ve been inspired by one of my favourite artists to write about the matter of resolutions. I’m a music fan, and when it comes to artists, their craft, their art, their expression, there is none more enigmatic than this girl named Meg Frampton. I say “girl” because I think she’s younger than me – which, in of itself, probably goes against some unwritten code of fan-dom. Usually, the artists I look up to, the ones that have made an impact on my life, are dead. But, Ms. Frampton is an artist truly worthy of notoriety. Ever since I’ve tuned into her blog, I’ve been given an inside look into the life of an artist. I wish they had blogs in the days of Kurt Cobain, although, I’m not too sure if he’d be the kind of guy who would do that sort of thing. What if Donny Hathaway had a diary? It would be so awesome to gain that insight.

But anyway – that was rambling at its finest. Resolutions. They are good. It is healthy to make resolutions, because making resolutions is first of all admitting that things can be better in your life. The number one resolution made would probably have something to do with our weight, or the quality of our fitness level (or the absence of a fitness level). We recognize that there is a need. Secondly, resolutions are good because it is always good to challenge ourselves to do something hard. I always tell kids that I counsel that they should not fear what they are afraid to work for. Don’t do something because it is hard. Don’t avoid something because it will require blood, sweat and tears. Do things that challenge you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This past year, I resolved to do the Grouse Grind in under 1 hour. If you don’t know what it is, just think of it as stairmaster up a mountain. I don’t know if I’ll beat my time again, but, I will try. I know it will hurt. I’m gonna want to take the short route back down (fall), I know that it will require work. But, it will be worth it. Lastly, resolutions are good and healthy because it is always good and always healthy to be goal oriented. Don’t float through life without goals. If you’re 28, have a career, have a nice place, have a nice car, and think you have everything handled, have a goal. Strive for an even better life. Strive for something you thought you could never reach! And maybe, just maybe, through hard work and focus, you might get there. If you don’t, atleast you tried. So here’s to resolutions! Even if you don’t follow through, you’re better off than the ones who didn’t have the guts to even make one.


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