5 Jan

Is it wrong to fantasize about a life totallly different from your reality?

Well, duh, I know that’s why they call it fantasy. But do we fantasize a version of ourselves, that we subconsiously want, or envy? I’m deciding whether to feel guilty about fantasizing a different version of my life.

The guilt, of course, stems from a hint of truth that maybe, I wish differently for myself. There’s nothing wrong in my life. It’s turned out better than most hollywood scripts, and definitely better than most realities I know. Is fantasy just another expression of what you truly, deeply want in your life? For example, I fantasize sometimes that I had a motorcycle. Why do I fantasize about a motorcycle when I’m an adult who can clearly go out and get a motorcycle? Its because I’m not allowed to.


Fantasy, just another way of reminding us of our reality, because at the end of whatever thought there was, we come crashing back. I admire people who fantasize about a better life, a more exciting life, but actually go out and make it their reality. I would dare say that most of us normal people just take a deep breath, sigh, and then just wait for that next breath, and so on and so forth. 

On the flip side, do people who live dangerous and exciting lives fantasize about our mundane reality – probably not. But maybe my life is someone’s fantasy. Maybe.


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