Friday Bloggin’……HBD MOM!

6 Jan

Happy Friday everybody!

Well today is special because it is my mom’s birthday. I asked her how old she was, and she said she was turning 50. Then I asked her how many times she’d turned 50. My mom is funny. She is very flaky and quirky at times. She is a worrier (probably the reason why I’m such a worrier). Her upbringing could not be more different than mine. I commend her for working to give me a better life than she did. Her side of the family is weird. She has this displaced animosity that flares up from time to time towards her siblings, but beneath all that, she has this unwavering love for her brothers. I think it was because she lost her dad when she was just 19. Tragedy in a family has a way of strengthening bonds.

My mom has this side of her that is SOOO superficial, its funny. She loves shopping, and looking nice – not to the point of living beyond her means. But I sit back and realize that she’s getting to do what she was never able to do growing up. I’m sure she wanted nice things, nice clothes, jewelry, and all those things growing up. But poverty only allows you to covet those things. After a lifetime of not having, why not treat yourself to have.

My mother seems happier, now that we’re all grown up. She more caring, more loving. Not the love was not there growing up, I think I am more aware of that love.

Happy Birthday mom!


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