Monday Blues.

9 Jan

Okay Monday, I know you get a bad reputation for being the most hated day of the week, but, come on, it’s not like you’re helping yourself. Maybe if you had something great happening, like, FREE SUB MONDAYS!! I don’t know about other people, but a free sub sandwich would totally make this day better.

Reality is, there are no free subs today. Just boring, mundane, insignicant motions throughout the day, that hopefully will sum up to a days work, ending with a lot of lounging on the couch. And reality is, you came to being way too fast. I mean, you didn’t even give us a chance to enjoy Sunday. How did you do that? Well, its because of your very reality. Notions of any enjoyment on Sunday evening always end in, “I better not, its MONDAY tomorrow.” GRRRRRR.

So thanks Monday.


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