Let’s try again.

12 Jan

One of the biggest lies I tell myself is, “You can walk away from this.” Of course I’m talking about something that I don’t feel comfortable sharing, even in this anonymous blog (which, by the way, hopefully stays anonymous). Let’s just call this thing, “thing”. Okay, so, this thing has been a problem. And I keep telling myself that I can walk away from it. A part of me still believes that, but I am now realizing that it is going to take a whole lot more commitment. I know that this thing is the reason God is withholding from me the greatest blessing of my life. So, makes sense right? Give up the thing in order for the blessings to come. I’m actually going to use this blog to remind myself to keep walking away, to stay focused, and stay strong. Hopefully it will serve as a platform for me to gain strength WHEN I fall again. Yes. I’m not planning on falling, but I know it’ll come. I just need to prepare to get back up again.

So, to Me: Let’s start this right now. Check back again tomorrow and give me a “thing” update. Write down your struggles and We’ll get through this. Also, go find a gym to go to. Peace.


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