Friday Bloggin’……. Let it Snow.

13 Jan

Happy Friday! I made it!!!

Well, exciting stuff coming up, mainly – SNOW. Well, just flurries down here, but up in the mountain, that means fresh powder. Hopefully I’ll be making my first snowboarding visit to the mountain this weekend. Its definitely long overdue. Then I’ve got my plan to start going to the gym again! The main purpose of going would be to 1.) get a rockin’ beach body for my vacation 2.) get in great shape to be able to beat my Grouse Grind time of under 1 hour.

Nothing profound as of late, just this sense of self awareness. I tend to get this way when I get close to my day of birth. One more year older, to me is not a pleasant thought. Call it vain, call it immature, but, there’s a great part of me that is loathing the fact that I’m getting older. I know its a part of life, but, nobody said I had to like it. I’m sure that my thirties will be great, but, I’ll start liking that idea when I get there. I’m just glad that most of my friends will turn 30 before I do!

The thought I’ve been challenged with for the past few days is how blessed I really am. Yes, there are wants and desires. There are things between me and God that I wish I could deal with, questions I wish he would answer, promises I wish He would fulfill now. I guess those things linger in our lives so we can keep pursuing God, and keep seeking His wisdom. But, we are truly blessed. I don’t know about you, but I’m a very blessed man.


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