Friday Bloggin’……

20 Jan

Yesterday I read an article on the blog that made me laugh, angry, and sad.

There’s some dude out there who wrote this letter and addressed it to “all the girls I know.” Basically this guy explains that men are weak, because of our weakness, women shouldn’t dress immodestly, or else they are causing us to sin. He went so far as to say that women who dress immodestlly don’t know what kind of broken relationships and sins they have caused by they way they dress.


I’m because I sure churches are filled with these same morons who actually put the blame of their sin on people around them. Our lives are suppose to be a testament of God’s POWER through us. We are suppose to experience VICTORY AND STRENGTH!!! SHHHEEEEEEEEEEESHHHH…

you people make me so mad.

Dear world,

Please know that some Christians are not like this. We fight for our faith, we stand for what we believe, we make mistakes, we have bad days, sometimes we get cancer, sometimes we die in accidents, just like the rest of you. Please, also know that some of us are here knowing that its only by God’s mercies, and we count everyday a gift from God.




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