Friday Bloggin’….

27 Jan

drawing a blank.

It seems that most things that make it to this blog are frustrations and disappointments, rants, but no raves. So, time to change it up.

They say that the best way to get out of duldrums is to count your blessings. So here it is:

1.) Wife/Bestfriend. I’m truly luck to have such a wonderful wife. She is the funniest person I know (and I know some pretty funny people). It really feels like we’re still getting used to the fact of marriage, even though, the case could be made that our marriage is been long enough to last a lifetime. I love how she takes care of me. I hate coming home to a cold apartment, when she’s out for  meeting or something. I love they way her hand fits in my hand, and how she finds that perfect spot on my shoulder to rest her head. I love it even more when she scratches the part of my back that is humanly impossible to reach.

Well, that about did it. I’m in a happier mood now. Happy Friday!


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