Happy Monday.

30 Jan

aaaaaaannnddd…………. we’re back!

The weekends seem to get faster and faster. I made an observation this weekend: I’ve been 29 for 1 week. And I have only 51 weeks left in my twenties. LAAAAME!

Well, its getting easier everyday, not that I’m all locked up in a dark room and afraid of human contact. I’m not some anti-social and solitary wacko. I’m a functioning wacko. And when it comes to the social aspect, I would definitely help my cause if I didn’t hate every human being out there. Okay, too much.

No new revelations, or inspirational moments as of late. I guess I have to make my way back to English Bay sometime. There’s something about water, we all seem to be more self relective, and aware of our souls.

I guess I’ll just end it with a line from an awesome song:

“it’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean, guess I should….na na na.. na na nananananaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”
Thank you Counting Crows, for a Long December.


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