“Now wait, that’s my child you’re talking about…”

2 Feb

Well, I’ve written the intro to this post about 100 times in my head. I realized that I should stop beating around the bush, and get to the point.

Today I had a thought about CCM music and how we baptists approach it. Well, you know that we are to run from CCM or new music like it was a leper. I don’t know how many times a preacher has slandered, mocked, and ridiculed CCM artists from the pulpit. Well, this thought turned into quite a convicting revelation.

I thought of Paul and the council of Jerusalem. It was the new church, post-ascension, and a lot of the doctrines we know and read today weren’t even written yet. What happened was that Peter and the other disciples in Jerusalem began requiring that all non-jewish converts would begin following after Mosaic laws like dieting and circumcision. Well, when Jesus Christ was on Earth, He broke down all the Mosaic laws and taught us that the laws were meant to show us our insufficiency to be holy and righteous before God. The  Pharisees got caught up in the laws, and added more and more laws, when the purpose of the law was to teach us that we couldn’t keep those laws. So Paul comes to the council of Jerusalem and asks them why would they (Jews) require saved gentiles to follow the laws that they (Jews) couldn’t keep them themselves. Jesus Christ had freed us, broken the shackles of the laws and of sin, and in its place He gave us His grace and mercy and salvation- which no law could ever provide.

I think of CCM artists who have been slandered and mocked from our pulpits – why do we hold them to a standard that we can’t keep ourselves? Is it our place to put such high standards on other Christians? I don’t thinks so. When we receive a Truth from God’s Word, we are to implement that Truth in our lives in the form of a standard. And from that standard we formulate rules — but we have to understand that we have no power to implement those rules on someone else – unless they subject themselves under your authority (i.e. church authority). For example, if I had kids, they are to follow the rules of my house. My neighbour’s kids are not subject to those rules. There would be a problem if I went into my neighbour’s house and started holding their kids to my rules.  BUT, if the parents decided they needed me to babysit their kids, well now the neighbour kids are under my authority, and my responsibility – now they are subject to those rules.

Then I started thinking about what Jesus thought every time we slandered these men and women. We always use this picture of Heaven, how the Devil starts accusing us of our sins and our wrong doings, then Jesus Christ steps in and says, “Wait! these are my children! They are mine! I’ve redeemed them with my own blood! I took their punishment for them!I Love Them” I wonder if every time we’ve slandered one of those CCM artists, if Jesus is in Heaven saying, “Now wait, that’s my child you’re talking about. That’s my son. I love him. I died for him….”

I was broken hearted about this. What are we doing? What are we saying from our pulpits?

— yammering uselessly


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