Friday Bloggin’….Natural Worship

3 Feb

I’m going to stay on this thread of worship for just another post.

In our churches, we hold so dear to our hymns as if they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. We take songs like “the Old Rugged Cross” and “It Is Well” and uplift them like they were songs from the mouth of God. Why do we do that? Why do we adhere to songs so vehemently? And when someone tries to challenge those songs we get so defensive, like it was a matter of sin?

How did people worship before the first hymn book was published? How did we worship and praise God before the piano was invented? How did we magnify God before the first note was ever penned on a blank measure of paper?

Well, people did worship God before the magical hymn books were created, before the first note was written, before the first piano crafted. People worshipped, in my opinion, in the most natural, most honest way that we could possibly worship.

I believe that before pianos, notes, theories of syncopation, timings, tempos, crescendos, and decresendos, there was a way for us to worship God. For some reason, we’ve decided to put worship in our terms, within our theories. We’ve decided to imprison our praise within notes and timing, style, and preference. What is wrong with us? What is wrong with North American Christianity that we think we can define praise and worship by its mechanics? Is God concerned whether our voices slid or not? Is God concerned that our music is too fast or too slow? Is God also defining Praise and Worship by the Hymns that we hold so dear?

I think not.


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