Does it Exist?

14 Feb

I decided to do a search in a certain Canadian city for a church. I typed in: “(city) Church King James” into the google search form. I was trying to find out if this city had any churches that used the King James Version only. What I was really looking for was a Church that had the right balance of Praise and Doctrine. What I came up with was a whole list of “hokey” country, old time, really lame websites of these archaic “baptistic” churches.

I sunk back exhausted, and discouraged. I fear that the church that I wish to be a part of doesn’t actually exist. I know that there is no perfect church, but there are far too many who are content with being imperfect. Here’s my ideal church:

Doctrine: I wish for a church to be correct doctrinally, who firmly stand on the King James Version, and adhere to Biblical (not traditional) Standards.
Worship/Praise: I wish for a church that is willing to sing new songs (that are doctrinally correct) and won’t try to emulate rock concerts (A church is a sanctuary, not a party). I believe a church that has a high regard for the Holiness of God, will always keep in perspective the methods and practices they implement in their worship service. For example, a church who thinks highly of the Holiness of God, won’t let someone talk about Jesus, like He was some “homie” who just wants to “chill out” and “hang” with His “bros”. No. If Jesus walked in the room, we would all fall to our faces and worship Him. We wouldn’t be able to even look at Him. He’s not my “bro”, He’s my Lord and Saviour. He is the Creator of the Universe. He is Alpha and Omega.

Is this church somewhere? And can you come to my city?


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