Reflective Series. Sacrifice Gets You a Ship.

22 Feb

I had a bright thought this morning. I thought I’d change things up and start writing a series for a change. I’ve been recently going on a rant about things that, quite honestly, bear me down, frustrate and upset me. So, maybe this change in direction will refresh my writing spirit, and even expand my outlook on life.

Reflective Series. Although I’m not quite old enough to write a memoir, There are things still that need be written down. And why wait, anyway, until my life has past to reflect? Shall I become a gray old man, before I can appreciate the little moments in my life. What if I forget them? What if they lose their significance? What if they are lost forever?

Sacrifice gets you a Ship.
Growing up, we didn’t have all the fancy things, although, we had a very privileged childhood. Our childhood was, unusual. Growing up in a foreign country, with your friends from all over the world, things have a way of redefining the word “normal”. One of the things that kept life “normal” was the beloved video game. The one in particular is the game GALAGA. You remember it right? You’re just flying through space, minding your own business, when these busters come swooping down in serpentine maneuvers and you’re like, “Heck no.” To make things worse, they start setting up in front of you like the red-coats in formation. Then you decided to start busting through to get to the big bosses. All is good, until they start swooping down and firing back. Engage evasive maneuvers. Not only that, the bosses some how get the edge in technology and apply a tracking beam to repo your ship! That game was awesome. But then one day… I’m not sure how it came about, how the gossip began, or how the secret was found… we realized that if you shoot down the boss that’s got your repo’d ship, you can have TWO SHIPS AND DOUBLE THE SHOOTING POWER!!!! Whoaaaa!!! From then on, there was no way I would be playing that game with just one meesley ship. The problem is – its a gamble. You don’t always get the ship. Sometimes, you end up losing both ships. The problem is, you end up losing all your ships. HA! Worthy gamble? or not?

There’s an element of risk when you sacrifice your one ship to be taken. I think there’s a point when you either resolve that you will definitely, without a shadow of a doubt succeed, or you resolve that the act is already a total loss. I knew, that everytime I played that game, the risk was always worth it. Did I always win? Did the sacrifice always pay off? Probably not. Is every sacrifice, every risk always a good thing in the end? Only when you’ve accepted complete loss even before the sacrifice was made.



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