Forgetting the Times Past.

28 Feb

Sometimes I get caught in between moments. I freeze, and my mind start wandering into parts of my brain that otherwise wouldn’t have been accessed. My eyes fix a gaze in the distance, but really, my mind goes thousands of miles away…away to my childhood. Sometimes I forget that kind of childhood I had. Sometimes, seeing where I am now, it’s hard to believe the travels I’ve had, the things I’ve seen, and the people I’ve met along the way.

Fred. From what I can remember, he was my first best friend. It wasn’t like, our parents were friends and we were forced to meet or anything. He was the first friend that I had chosen for myself. He is actually the reason why I have glasses (well, genetics might have something to do with it but…). I remember over the summer, Fred left, and when he came back he had glasses on. What was I thinking wanting glasses in 3rd grade? Here’s a little secret. When my parents were gone, I would turn the tv on and switch to a channel that just had the buzz and snow. And I would put my face 1 inch from the screen and look at the tv for as long as I wouldn’t get caught, thinking, that’s how I’ll get glasses. Oh the stupid things I did. Fred and I were great friends. But I was sad for him. Fred had a horrible father. I remember, being over at Fred’s house, and his father would come home and immediately start yelling. And not even in a “I’m the man of the house, get me this, get me that..” kind of way. It was terrifying. It felt like his intent was to injure. It felt like he was looking to hurt someone. My heart broke for Fred. But he kept that part of his life hidden from me, for the most part. Another thing about Fred is that he had turtles. For some reason, I had a crow (I know, right?). Somehow, someone caught a crow or raven, and decided to give him to me. I kept him in a cage in our balcony. Well, long story short, he died quite quickly. And it just so happens that one of Fred’s turtles died. So, naturally, we buried our departed pets in my backyard. We even had gravestones made out for our dearly beloved. I”m still friends with Fred. The innovations (and evils) of these social media outlets have allowed me to reconnect with him. We’re still thousands of miles apart, but, it gets a little closer when I think about the times I spent with him.

Everyone has that childhood friend, and I can definitely name more (Edel, the compulsive liar, Oliver, the bully, Sarah the flirt, Katrina the first love, Sharon the first crush) I’m sure they’ll make an appearance sometime here on the blog, but for now, let’s end with my friend Fred.


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