Fight Club.

1 Mar

Before the movie was every conceptualized, we had a fight club. It must’ve been during my 4th grade year. I went from being in an international school to a little home school group. It was a weird transition, mainly because we had classes in someone’s living room, with plastic tables, and at lunch I can skateboard home and come back. I knew some people, most of them I didn’t really care for. We had groups. There were the people who grew up in the American school, and those who could barely speak english. It was good, I guess, to open up to a new culture, be it being my own forgetten culture. Well, anway, in our buildings, we had a rooftop access. It was pretty sweet. I used to go up there and have water gun fights, and get light firecrackers. Some people used it as a launching platform for water balloons — great summer fun.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but all of a sudden, we had a fight club – a real bona fide fight club. We would all gather after school, and we’d pick two people to fight, and that was it. Well, maybe I know a little bit of how it started. There was this one kid – the ONE kid – who annoyed everybody. He would come to my house, because for some reason, my  mom (without consulting with me) agreed to watch he and his sister after school. So I’m stuck with this annoying kid who ran his mouth like he owned the place!

I think that’s how it all started. If you can imagine, a group of 4th graders gathering in a circle to make a little arena for the battle. We had fights, some good ones, some bad ones. But at the end of the day, we all walked away and talked about it the next day.

Rooftop Fight Club…. hmmm…. the things we did when we were young.


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