Monday… booooo

5 Mar

Well, this has been an unpleasant day, and its only a quarter over. Good thing I only have a half day off.. but the downside is a doctor’s appointment. Its been negative even before going into work… so I think I just need to excercise some positive energy drills.

Here goes:

I was great to run into an old friend yesterday. It was nice to catch up, but not to reflect on how old we were getting. It was definitely nice to see her again. She looks exactly the same. I hope I can get to see her again.

Had a great Sunday. I’m hoping these lessons we’re coming across will see their ways into our hearts and minds.

The sun is out… after a horrible rainy drive this morning, the sun is actually out, and the birds are chirping.

We’re still here.

Don’t forget, we’re still here. 🙂


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