Happy Monday…

12 Mar

So this weekend was too busy. I’m getting that feeling of things, deadlines, and other commitments piling up slowly, and its getting hard to keep up with all the things that need to get done. A few years ago, I would be a mess by now. I’m still a nervous wreck, just a more controlled one. I’m learning to deal with things slowly, and timely (not procrastinating). I was wired/trained to multi-task. Multitasking has its benefits, but it really wears on you. Never mind the fact of endangering your sanity. Sometimes you begin to multitask even your relationships.

Multitasking is definitely not a trait we are born with, in my opinion. Ever observed a child fixating on a single task, whether it be putting sand in their pockets, playing with cars and other things? I’m finding more and more how valuable someone’s fixed attention is. Paying attention, and listening are definitley DISCIPLINES that are mastered only through practice.


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