The Undying Dream…

13 Mar

Remember in elementary school, how our teachers would motivate us to dream big dreams? Well, I have a big dream and its not what you think. It’s not some desire for a better world, or to end world hunger. It’s actually quite selfish. It’s something for me. It’s something I WANT, and obviously, it’s something I can’t have.

A motorcycle. I know. Just go out and get one, right? Not that easy. Adulthood is not really so much about freedom, but more about responsibility. I’m not saying that owning and riding a bike is irresponsible. There are a lot of responsible people out there who hit the road with their bikes. But for me, my responsibility is in keeping my significant other safe and secure. I always have to remind myself, how that my commitment to that other person is far greater than my own wants. Sacrifice, I guess.

Here’s the dream: Black, Military Olive, or dark grey, Vintage Triumph, BSA, or Indian Motorcycle, bobbed with some nice fat wheels. It has to be a little grimy, a little dirty. I’m not one for shiny things. In the dream, me wearing an old school helmet, with a black bandana across my mouth and nose to protect myself from on-coming bugs and other debris. I’m not into those pocket rockets, ninjas, or gsxr’s, or cbr’s. I’m all about the old school, the ride, the drop, the bob, the lay, the lean, just the pure enjoyment of leaning back on a nice ride.

Sounds like a dream ride.  Will it come true? Honestly, I’m afraid that it won’t. But I hate the hoplessness, the finality of it never coming true. So even if I know in my mind that I’ll never get to see this in my life, I have to believe it in my heart. Call it “hopeless belief”. Is anything sadder than that? Well, maybe one thing: killing the dream, when the power is still in you to continue dreaming.

So here’s to the hopeless belief of someday riding a motorcycle.


Hmm.. .”someday”. “Someday” is just code for never.


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