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Tall, Dark, and Smelly

14 Jul

This is a co-worker’s dog. He comes sometimes just to spread his melancholy spirit — real calming, actually. I love how this photo turned out. He looks very youthful, though he can’t move much these days.


Vancouver Summer

7 Jul
Vancouver Summer Skies

The Mrs. and I decided to spend Wednesday evening at English Bay and this was our spectaular view.

After my near fatal accident, I decided to take a 1 year work leave. I spent countless hours at this beach sometimes with my ipod, sometimes with my guitar. It amazes me that with all the gadgets and devices made to distract and entertain us, nature’s pure beauty is the only thing that actually takes our breath away. Only in the audience of a beautiful sunset, we’re made to feel insignificant, finite, inconsequential, and at the same time feel special, chosen, like the sunset was made just for us, for that moment.


29 Jun
the theatre
One of my black and white prints in my Vancouver Series

Ahhhh Vancouver.

Today is raining, of course. I remember living in a town on the edge of the Mojave Desert, missing the Vancouver rain. I’m sure it’ll be sunny in a few minutes, or it may snow. We just never know these things.