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28 Nov

I’ve read it more than once, I’ve heard it on several occassions. One of our “tag lines” (“our” being us Christians) is that it takes greater faith to believe in Evolution than believing that the Almighty God created us for His good pleasure.

I get that.

I get that all Evolutionists are probably Atheists because, I don’t understand how you can claim to be a Christian and also believe in Evolution. Its like saying, “I believe in God, just not the things He says in His Word” or “I believe in God, just not a very powerful one”.

That’s why I find it hard to understand a person that believes in Theistic Evolution. To me its a cop out. Its almost demeaning to God. Why would God decide to use a process of death and destruction from the beginning? Its totally opposite of what’s recorded in Genesis. Its totally opposite of the Character of God. Theistic Evolution is powerless, it’s weak, its saying that God isn’t powerful enough to do what He said He did.



Christians, Tattoos, and Taboos.

21 Sep

So, here’s another profound thought and observation:

Christians and Tattoos. What’s the deal? Where do we stand? More importantly, what does the Bible have to say about it?

Okay, I want to begin by saying that tattoos are cool. Historically, tattoos were used for a purpose. Several cultures used them to either portray a significant event in their life, to represent a certain icon, or to represent even a religious meaning.

In North America, tattoos were viewed as villanous, evil, and wicked. Nowadays, some people get tattoos because they want to commemorate something special, something that means deeply to them. Most, I would say, get it because it has become an accessory, a cosmetic accent, something fashionable.

For me, I would love to get a tattoo. But what does the Bible say? Okay, the most obvious verse we use is when Paul says, “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…” or “Ye are not your own, for ye bought with a price.” For those two verses alone, I step away from my own desire to get a tattoo, in order to stay obedient to God’s Word.

It’s not the fact that I can’t get a tattoo that bothers me. What bothers me the most is that 100% of Pastors will preach against tattoos, but 100% of the same Pastors won’t preach against women and earrings. Talk about mutilating the body which God created. Let’s draw some comparisons here. Tattoos can be used for cosmetic and asthetic purposes. They look good. Women pierce their ears because they want earrings. Both of these practices deviate the body which God has created. Obviously, one is more accepted than the other, but why? how come women are allowed to mutilate their body? And their purpose – purely asthetic, shallow, and selfish reasons.

I hate that we won’t even talk about this in our churches because its been “culturally accepted”. The problem also is that we’ll preach against women wearing pants for an entire hour (with very shaky Biblical truth), but we won’t even preach against women “adorning themselves” and “plating” their hair when that is actually a written Truth in God’s Word.

More and more I get frustrated with this cultural of Christianity, where we pick and choose what we believe, or what is culturally accepted. I say, if women are allowed to mutilate their bodies and get piercings, then I should be allowed to get a tattoo.

Friday Bloggin’: Chaz Bono

2 Sep

For this week’s edition of Friday Bloggin’ I thought I’d write about something that’s in the fore front (I guess) of most media (tabloid) outlets at the moment.

Chaz Bono on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has raised quite a few eyebrows. Several conservative (religious and non religious) groups have opted to voice their dislike for the shows choice for this seasons program. Granted, the show has raised a few eyebrows in the past. Have we forgotten that it was this show, on this network, that they showcase two female dancers as partners?

My first reaction to Chaz Bono being elected was, “C’mon Guys, have we really run out of people to ask to be in the show?” I mean, there are tons of has-beens, forgotten child stars, and over stated but under worked actors and “stars” out there! And they went with Chaz Bono? Just from a viewer’s point of view: Get some people we want to watch.

My second reaction was, “I probably won’t be watching her.” Yes, the choice is within my grasp and within my will and my strength to either change the channel or turn the TV off when she’s on. I would do that because I have a feeling she’s going to do horribly. Secondly, I would do that because I don’t like manly women – its not my thing.

(Yes I keep referring to her as a female because that is how she was created. If she has decided to change that, then she can change her own references to herself.)

Bottom line – I don’t have to agree with everybody I meet, and I can, of my own choice and power, extract myself from situations which I don’t agree with. For all the people that have screamed, blogged, gossiped, and even spoke out to the media to – GET OVER IT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, THEN DON’T WATCH THE SHOW!!!!!

People decided not to subject themselves to images or messages they do not agree with all the time. YOU PROBABLY DID IT THIS WEEK. If there’s a joke or conversion that you didn’t like, you probably withdrew yourself. If you’re an atheist and don’t believe in God, then you choose every week NOT to go to church. Christian don’t go to clubs, or bars because they don’t agree with the lifestyle. But they’re not outside the club bangin’ on the windows telling everybody ‘I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS!!!!!’ (atleast they shouldn’t)

I’m all for speaking out, as long as its directed at evils that this world should not overlook. I definitely would speak out against Abortion. I would speak out about the Dolphin Killings in Taiji, Japan. I would definitely speak out against Islam’s mistreatment of women. I would definitely speak out against narrow minded fellow Christians who misrepresent the Love of Christ. But if its something that can be remedied by walking away or changing the channel, well then… why not just do that?

Have a great weekend! Grouse Grind here I come! I will try and beat my time of 1:21, and get closer to my goal of 1 hour. Peace, Love, and Joy my friends!

the Christian Atheist – Chapter… next.

2 Aug

Its been a while since I posted an update on my current read. Honestly, I just recently picked it up again. I’m on Chapter something…Yesterday, I read a good part of the book while laying out on Crescent Beach, BC.

Pastor Craig really has a nack for communicating truth in simplistic ways, that somehow, my simple mind understands. One piece of truth from the book was SO simple, yet so PROFOUND.

Pastor Craig was talking about believing that God loves everybody else, except for us. He states that the Christian Atheist has convinced himself that God DOES have the capacity to love people from all backgrounds and all different walks of life, but he does not believe, or even live like God could ever love him for his sins.

I can definitely understand that. We watch missions videos about people in Russia or the Philippines, or some other third world country, and we think, “Yeah, you know what, God DOES love those people, and God DOES want to reach out to them.” But how many times do we think, “God doesn’t want me. He doesn’t want to use me.” We get stuck in the cycle of self pity and we never really grasp the whole capacity – the breadth, the height, the depth of God’s love — FOR NOBODY ELSE — but for me.

And then, he said it: Love is not what God does, it’s who He is.


Love isn’t just an action taken on by God? Love isn’t just a choice He makes every time He sees our wicked hearts? It’s not just a decision He made by sending His Son? Its not just an extension of His Supreme Deity? Its all those things, but why? Because He is love.

God IS love.

Mind officially blown. God is everything that is good, all-together lovely, all-together worthy — all-together wonderful to me.

I don’t know if this is making any sense — but it made perfect sense to me. The Bible describes God as a jealous God, but He is not jealousy. He is described as having wrath and vengeance for the wicked, but He is not wrath, He is not vengeance. He is Love.

Am I in the wrong Blog?

27 Jul

Time and time again I peruse through CNN’s Belief Blog. There are very interesting articles there, and at times, I do like to sift through the comment section– just to see where people are at. Obviously, me being Christian, I tend to gravitate towards things that pertain to Christianity, whether positive or negative.

I am trying to be more understanding and non-judgmental when it comes to reading comments on the blog. BUT, what amazes me the most, is that there appears to be more atheists than Christians on that website. HAHAHAHA… funny isn’t it? IT’S NOT? Oh, sorry, it was funny to me.

I thought that the whole premise of the “Belief Blog” was to report on stories that reflected “faith” or different “faiths”. I may be TOTALLY wrong here, but what’s an atheist doing in the blog? I know, I get it, we all have the desire to be heard, and to be accepted, and there’s a resurgence of atheistic pride and proclamation, but, aren’t there other forums and platforms for that? Maybe there’s a “Non-Belief Blog”? But what fun would that be? There’s no one to call illogic, or stupid, or backwards, etc. (just some of our more friendly descriptions on the belief blog, and trust me, they are not all friendly). I guess we CAN’T just leave each other alone. Maybe this is an epic battle that has been going for centuries and centuries and we’ve taken it from the battle fields, into the cold and dark corners of the inter-web where there’s no rules of engagement, no honour, just no-holds bar verbal attacks (and I’m speaking about sides).  

At the end of the day, I think I would like gnostics more. They seem more calm and respond like, “Well, we just can’t know for sure…” or “maybe its true… but maybe its not true…. we’ll never know……let’s go get some slurpees” (not to say I wouldn’t enjoy a slurpee with anybody else).

Christian Atheist – Intro thru Chapter 1

12 Jul

My wife bought the book “Christian Atheist” by Craig Groeschel yesterday, so I quickly snatched it up and started reading before she even got a chance to start (She can probably read it in a day, whereas it would take me a whole week).

If you don’t know the premise of the book, it mainly talks about Christians who carry the label around, say the right words, and maybe have experienced true christianity in the past, but now live as if God were dead — or as an atheist would view it — as if God never existed.


My first reaction was, “guilty”. As I read through the first chapter, it was as if I knew what was going to unfold next, what truth would be touched on next — because I’ve been living exactly what this book says. Admittedly, I can easily read this book, have a spiritual experience, even make a decision to start reading the Bible again, and being more fervent and honest in my prayers — but I’ve been there, and I’ve failed.

I am hopeful. I know that any lasting change to be made in my life only comes from the Book and not a book, but I hope this book may reveal some tangible, organized, steps to take. I’m not into making commitments that cannot be measured, like “I just need more faith” or “I have to think more spiritually” or my favourite “I need to be more spirit-filled”. I realize in my brief Christian journey that those things are evidences of a life of commitment, a life that is purposeful in daily tasks.

I hope to someday find the root of what it means to be a Christian. Not what North America thinks of Christianity, whether past or present. Not what traditions claim it to be, or what some man behind a pulpit says it to be, though it may be true. For the first time in my life, I want to be a Christian because of Christ.