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Christians, Tattoos, and Taboos.

21 Sep

So, here’s another profound thought and observation:

Christians and Tattoos. What’s the deal? Where do we stand? More importantly, what does the Bible have to say about it?

Okay, I want to begin by saying that tattoos are cool. Historically, tattoos were used for a purpose. Several cultures used them to either portray a significant event in their life, to represent a certain icon, or to represent even a religious meaning.

In North America, tattoos were viewed as villanous, evil, and wicked. Nowadays, some people get tattoos because they want to commemorate something special, something that means deeply to them. Most, I would say, get it because it has become an accessory, a cosmetic accent, something fashionable.

For me, I would love to get a tattoo. But what does the Bible say? Okay, the most obvious verse we use is when Paul says, “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…” or “Ye are not your own, for ye bought with a price.” For those two verses alone, I step away from my own desire to get a tattoo, in order to stay obedient to God’s Word.

It’s not the fact that I can’t get a tattoo that bothers me. What bothers me the most is that 100% of Pastors will preach against tattoos, but 100% of the same Pastors won’t preach against women and earrings. Talk about mutilating the body which God created. Let’s draw some comparisons here. Tattoos can be used for cosmetic and asthetic purposes. They look good. Women pierce their ears because they want earrings. Both of these practices deviate the body which God has created. Obviously, one is more accepted than the other, but why? how come women are allowed to mutilate their body? And their purpose – purely asthetic, shallow, and selfish reasons.

I hate that we won’t even talk about this in our churches because its been “culturally accepted”. The problem also is that we’ll preach against women wearing pants for an entire hour (with very shaky Biblical truth), but we won’t even preach against women “adorning themselves” and “plating” their hair when that is actually a written Truth in God’s Word.

More and more I get frustrated with this cultural of Christianity, where we pick and choose what we believe, or what is culturally accepted. I say, if women are allowed to mutilate their bodies and get piercings, then I should be allowed to get a tattoo.